Jet Glow Facial

Jet glow facial

The jet stream enhance the already positive effects of Microdermabrasion by getting into the pores and cleaning away dead skin cells, plus it also hydrates the skin using sterile saline by going back and forth with the device and working in small areas of the face.

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How does a jet peel treatment work?

The outer layer of your skin is referred to as your epidermis and the deeper layer is the dermis. Your dermis is made up primarily of collagen and provides your skin with structure and elasticity. Loss of collagen is one factor that causes your skin to age.

Jet peels use a highly pressurized jet of oxygen to penetrate your dermis and infuse it with cleansers, nutrients, and serums.

During the procedure, your provider will clean your skin using a mixture of pressurized oxygen and saline water using a wand. They’ll then provide you with a custom serum depending on your needs.


Jet peel benefits

There’s a limited amount of research examining the benefits of jet peel at this time. However, this type of facial treatment has been linked to the following potential benefits. For more visit

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